Episode 51

When Home Hits Differently

The whole family in Hot-lanta studio, (which gets considerably warmer throughout the podcast)! Fun, free flowing conversation about “next chapters,” neurodiversity, recording content in public, and taking control of sleep dreams!

Show Notes:
01:19   You’re louder than you think!
03:43   Maggie’s birthday week. Reflecting on what to leave in the teen years and what she wants to become in her 20’s.
05:10   Jury Duty possibilities.
06:06   Eddie flew home to surprise Maggie for her birthday and visit our NC cabin one more time.
08:31   Home hits differently when you’re an adult.
13:40   Mags family birthday and Mitch.
15:11   The story of Motivation Point.
18:36   The Factory
21:58   Maggie’s project: The doors of your life.
25:20   Maggie discovers she a reader.
28:38   Audiobooks and neurodiversity.
40:12   Taking control of your sleep dreams.
42:04   Being comfortable recording content in public.
48:40   Temperatures rising!
49:26   Listener question from Justine about moving away from family and friends.
55:18   Don’t fall into negative self-talk.
60:00   Dan going to Camp Big Heart after the podcast – one of his favorite things to do.
1:02:15   Multiple choice question: Which animal fingerprints mostly closely match humans?