Episode 33

When people and heat pumps disappoint you.

Maggie gets verified on Insta and continues to wear other people’s clothes. How Dan failed in his job at the movie theater. How to handle people who disregard your feelings and choosing the right college for you!

Show Notes:

00:00   Heat pumps should be called “slightly warmer pumps.”

03:10   Mags gets verified on Instagram and what it means … or doesn’t.

06:22   Mags Rebranding Plan

10:00   Is “Generalistic” a word?

12:57   Weirdest movie ever! Or… Dan’s failure as a projectionist.

17:30   Unnecessary glasses and paperclip retainers.

20:07   Listener question from Eli: Advice on social media posting and podcasting?

25:25   Malibu thrift stores … not your everyday thrifting.

27:20   Listener question from Declan: How do you handle being around people that have no regard for others’ feelings?

33:55   The Envy trap.

34:50   Mags hopes to become more confident in her style, so she wears her friends’ clothes.

38:10   Mags’ redecorating plans.

40:10   Listener question from Anna: How did you choose your college, and were your happy with your choice?

46:00   Parenting when you’re young or older?

48:45   Should Dan change his TikTok name to DanThurmon instead of Maggiesdad123?

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