Episode 42

Why Maggie Tried to Sleep in the Yard

Mags makes an unexpected trip home and surprises Dad LIVE on the podcast! They tell their funniest new stories and answer listener questions on finding yourself and your peeps!

Show Notes:

00:00​  Maggie logs on for the podcast “from LA” but walks in the studio in GA!

03:33​  Plane safety rules seem random.

05:10​  Dan still confused about Maggie’s arrival.

09:25​  Red eye’s are rough! (You know you’re tired when you want to just sleep in the yard!)

14:27​  Prepping for “push in the pool” TikToks

14:59​  Dan’s mastermind group and mentors in his life.

16:43​ The amazing Anne Hathaway.

22:32​ Surrounding yourself with an encouraging community.

23:46​ Eddie Coker and the unfortunate warm up word.

25:53​ Dan slams his pants in the trunk, and you’ll never believe what happens next!

29:32​ Listener update from Pirada.

Thank you and all the best to you and your mom.

31:53​  Mags pickleball addiction.

34:38  Shay and Dan were going to NC before Maggie’s surprise arrival.

39:11​  The secret behind our website photo.

40:29​  Listener question from Craig: Advice on how to find yourself in the chaos and/or tips on traveling alone?

41:05​  Caution: Changing your personality may lead to losing your identity.

43:17​  Dan’s working with publisher – things you might not realize.

45:08​  Dan’s imaginary footstool. And Maggie’s sleep deprivation is kicking into high gear!

46:30​  Maggie being honest… Georgia in bloom is almost psychedelic.

47:49​  Shay and a neighbor help a little girl find her home.

49:30​  Mags making up songs and words.  Get this girl some Zzzzz’s.

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