Episode 50

You can break wind, but you can’t fix it.

Recapping Dan’s trip to LA to help Maggie move, Maggie’s upcoming jury duty considerations and listener question about the family dynamic off camera.

Show Notes:

00:00   Podcasting before dashing to the airport!

02:15   Dan’s trip to LA: Groundlings show, moving Maggie into new apartment and pickleball.

08:34   What do you wear for Jury Duty?

09:36   Is it okay to crochet on a plane?

11:28   Stand-up night at Maggie’s new apt.

12:42   Maggie’s last podcast as a teenager.

14:03   Listener question from Tia about techniques to diffuse stress.

19:30   Mags and Dad pillow shopping in Home Goods. (tiktok video at 20:50)

22:13   Listener question from Arvind about their relationship on camera verses off camera.

30:48   Happy National Wind Day – June 15th


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