Episode 63

Maggie’s Sudden Interest in Babies!

Maggie’s crash course in how to care for a baby. Listener questions on marriage, TikTok traction and family feuds.

Show Notes:

00:00               Simon’s fortune cookie.

00:20               Daylight savings time pros and cons.

07:38               Maggie gets stank eye from a baby.

11:24               Dan and Shay’s early parenting practice.

13:56               Listener question from Naomi about the lack of marriage role models.

19:52               Maggie’s thoughts on marriage based on her vast experience. 😉

23:41               Seeing “Ticket to Paradise” in theatre was so fun.

26:30               Shay’s bestie, Toni, talking to the movie screen the entire time!

27:20               Dan does a speech in Houston during game 6 of the world series…

29:10               Dan’s post speech “bleeder.”

30:35               Listener question from Chandler to Maggie: Tips for gaining traction on TikTok?

36:03               Listener question from Chandler about being stuck in the middle of family


40:53               Maggie segues to wrap up and gets stuck.

42:29               Shay’s snake, Houdini.

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