Episode 44

Vomit on a Plane

Dan gets vomited on while flying home from a speech. And Mags and Dan (and Shay) talk about the problem of putting conditions on happiness.

Show Notes:

02:10   Dan just back from Canada (answer to #9 in Mags’
“Part 54 push in the pool” TikTok)

06:51   On the program with Canadian celeb Jessi Cruickshank.

08:04   The flight back was “messy.”

11:26    The maxi pad hack.

15:10    Mags watches the original “Psycho.”

18:08   Mindset is key to a happy, successful life.

19:08   Mags’ “reframing.”

25:35   Mags auditioning with dad…

27:19    New Nicholas Cage movie a/k/a “Nick Cage Movie”

29:40   Listener comment from Declan

30:42   Listener question from Emily about the deceptive
“If I get/do this, then I’ll be happy.”

32:56   Book recommendation “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert.

35:28   Joy and happiness tied to identity.

40:55   The LA heat!!!!

43:04   Hitting poles and new car needs.

47:06   Dan’s audition prep.


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