Episode 64

What Do You Mean, “Hooking Up”?

Does Dan really know what day it is? Predicting this year’s Thurmon Thanksgiving, how to ask for a date, and Maggie explains what “hooking up” means to her.

Show Notes:

00:00   Is this a sign?

01:35   When happy thoughts make you sad.

03:15   Fashion dog.

04:00   Dan’s sleep deprivation on display!

08:10   Just a “little workout” with Dan’s Arizona cousin, Brannon.

11:00   “Doctor Dan” gives Maggie advice on recovering from leg injury.

12:50   Maggie’s love/hate relationship with roller coasters.

15:53   New house, same Thurmon Thanksgiving.

17:31   Our deer neighbors.

18:13   So much to be thankful for!

21:33   Be careful what you say, God will hear you…

23:12   New Doughbriks Pizza restaurant sells out on day one!

28:28   Listener question from Sowri about dating.

33:23   Clarifying “hooking up”

34:34   Clever pre-date flowers and post-date flowers.

38:14   Thanksgiving trivia.